You may only purchase a Student Concession card online, if you meet all of the following criteria:

  • You currently attend, or are the legal guardian of a student that currently attends, a West Australian primary or secondary education institution. N.B. Tertiary students cannot order cards through this system.


  • Your school is a Department of Education (DoE) school or the school registered to participate in the online ordering system. If your school is not available from the list of available schools, then please contact your school and request that they apply.


  • All online card orders require a payment of $5.00 by credit card payment (VISA or MasterCard only). No other payment methods are accepted.


  • Please be aware that any replacement card will automatically disable your previous cards.


  • You agree to the conditions of application listed below.

Conditions of Application


The Student SmartRider is issued subject to the conditions of the Public Transport Authority Act 2003 and the Public Transport Authority Regulations 2003 and conditions of travel determined by Transperth from time to time.

A Student SmartRider may only be used by the student to whom it is issued. A Student SmartRider is not transferable.
It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that they meet the eligibility requirements for the issue of a Student SmartRider.

The replacement of a Student SmartRider will incur a $5.00 card replacement fee.

The information submitted via this electronic form will be recorded by the Public Transport Authority and used to verify the student’s ongoing eligibility for the Student SmartRider with the nominated school or college. 

By validating your SmartRider, utilising the student fare entitlement, you (i.e. a primary or secondary school student) will be agreeing to the following conditions:

  • You are not entitled to a seat on a Transperth train, bus or ferry, but rather may sit where a seat is not otherwise occupied or is not required by an adult at any time during your journey.
  • You are to produce your SmartRider to a PTA security officer or authorised person (both as defined in the Public Transport Authority Act 2003), upon demand, for checking. 
  • You are to stand for an adult passenger on a Transperth train, bus or ferry when no other seating is available and you are requested by a PTA security officer or authorised person do to so. In respect of a train, “available” means available in that train carriage. 
  • Travel utilising the student fare is not authorised if, during the 30 days before the time of travel (calculated as per condition 5 below), you have been reported by a security officer or authorised person to have failed to stand for an adult when no other seating is available. During the 30 day period, your Student SmartRider will deduct fares for journeys you undertake, at the standard concession rate. 
  • The 30 day period starts seven days after you have been reported as described in condition 4 above, and expires 30 days after that start date.