Monitor WA offers three ways to order student concession SmartRider.

1. Using the online ordering service. 

Monitor WA provides an online ordering service for parents to place SmartRider card orders at home. 

Link to the online service:

The web service will provide a step-to-step wizard to guide the parents through the ordering process. The parents need to follow the instructions carefully and read the information provided on the website to understand the process and to successfully place the order.

If the school doesn’t appear in the Education Institution list during the ordering process, it means the school is not participating this program hence you can’t use this website to place the order.

2. Request a card from the school.

Some schools provide service to order student concession SmartRider on parents behalf.  Contacting the school will then be the easiest way to receive a card. Also, if the school provides school specific photo ID SmartRider cards, they can ONLY be ordered by the school.

3. Fill in an application form 

Parents can always order a student SmartRider card using application form. The form is available for downloading on the link below.

Parents are asked to follow the instructions on the 2nd page of the form under the section "How to apply" to be able to place the order. Uncompleted application or application without required authorization will be returned to the sender and cause delay on issuing the card.