Student Concession SmartRider card be ordered over the counter at MonitorWA business premises located at Balcatta WA with a valid application form.

The valid application form is the Application for Student SmartRider form with the student and the school information that is verified by the school. The school need to sign and stamp the form to approve the information on the form is valid before the form can be processed and a card is issued to the student.

The application for Student SmartRider form is available for downloading on the link below:

This form can be either posted to MonitorWA with $5.00 cheque or money order payable to "Monitor WA" to the PO Box address below or submit over MonitorWA reception.

(Please note primary students are exempt from the $5.00 fee for the initial card, but will need to pay this fee for all subsequent replacement SmartRider cards ordered.)

MonitorWA PO box address:

SmartRider, PO Box 10, Westminster, WA 6061

MonitorWA reception address:

Unit 2/17 Macadam Place, BALCATTA WA